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Santa Fe artist’s Queen painting will rock you

Victoria's Queen Painting made the front page of the Santa Fe New Mexican!

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Victoria presenting her painting to Queen guitarist Brian May

July 16, 2019 at Queen concert in Phoenix.

Victoria De Almeida and Brian May of Roc
Victoria De Almeida and Brian May of Roc

This painting titled, "The Miracle" is of the rock legends Queen.  The original is 48" x 36" and took me 375 hours and 7 months of studio time to complete. 


My concept for this painting was, "Alice In Wonderland" meets "The Last Supper". The band members look bored, as though they are just getting through the day. Sadly, they’ve lost their best friend, their mate Freddie Mercury. He died in 1991 of complications of AIDS. You will see a turquoise blue aura around him. Freddie’s spirit is holding up his glass of Moet and Chandon champagne and giving a toast, or a blessing if you will.


Who is he holding his glass up to? Adam Lambert the present singer for Queen. Adam coming through that arch represents the new generation of young people that are getting to experience Queen’s legacy for the first time. You’ll notice that Adam is carrying a pair of shoes. Those are Freddie’s Adidas boxing trainers that he wore at the 1985 Live Aid concert where he and Queen gave the best live performance in the history of rock-n-roll. He also wore those shoes at Queen 1986 Magic Tour which was the last time Queen ever performed live with Freddie. Adam Lambert is carrying on Queen’s legacy and that’s why you see them in his hands and not on his feet (Freddie's shoes can never be filled obviously!).


I am an Easter Egg artist; I always hide things in my paintings. There are 30 Queen song references hidden in this painting. For instance, you will see an old radio to the left of John Deacon. That is a reference to the song, “Radio Gaga”. You'll notice a picture on the top of Roger Taylor's fan mail: it's a "Fat Bottomed Girl"! Try to find all 30 hidden Queen song titles!


The remaining members of Queen: Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert own copies of this painting. I donated a limited edition canvas print to Freddie Mercury’s Phoenix Trust that Brian and Roger established in his name. The trust focuses on AIDS research and awareness. 

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KRQE Television • July 17, 2019

Santa Fe artist’s Queen painting catches the band’s attention

Victoria's OScar Wilde Painting

in Stephen Fry Video

I completed this painting of Oscar Wilde in 2011. I was so intrigued with Oscar Wilde’s story about how he struggled and suffered terribly as a gay man. He ended up being convicted and doing two years of hard labor in prison for the “indecency and crimes” of being a gay man. English actor Stephen Fry played him in the 1997 movie,Wilde which I loved. What you see here is Stephen Fry talking about the Freddie Mercury Phoenix Trust for AIDS Research. I looked up Freddie Mercury’s foundation because of the Queen painting I did that I will be donating the proceeds of copies sold to. 

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